Fiction author C.H. Foertmeyer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1949, the eldest of four children. After graduating from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico he returned to Cincinnati to pursue his career in the paint coatings industry. He married in 1978 and raised two wonderful step-children and a lovely daughter, Jennifer, in his Lockland home. Today, Mr. Foertmeyer divides his time between web authoring and fiction writing. He now resides in Forest Park, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. His daughter lives in nearby Greenhills, Ohio and is the inspiration of his writing, inspiring him to write his first novel at age fifty-three.
My introduction to the western United States was through the many vacations my parents took for the benefit of myself and my brothers and sister - what a great time we had!
The Foertmeyer kids...John, Gayle, Me, and Tom...
My dad, my daughter, Jennifer, and her husband Geoff...
Myself and my good friend, Kevin, searching ruins in New Mexico...
And the story wouldn't be complete without including my New Mexico roommate, Timber, or Uncle Tim, as he was known to his friends...   a 40 pound male bobcat. We actually had a "Beware of Cat" sign on our door!
Today, I've "traded in" the bobcat for the best dog in the world, my brit, Gally!
    Born and raised in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, I attended and graduated from the nationally renowned Wyoming City School System in Wyoming, Ohio. I attribute my writing success to my senior high literature teacher, Mr. Lippert, who encouraged my writing with great enthusiasm. Thirty years later I remembered his praise and encouragement and finally decided to act upon it. Thank you Mr. Lippert!

    After graduating from Wyoming High School I attended the University of Cincinnati before getting pangs for the west, transferring to Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell, New Mexico. After a semester at ENMU I transferred to New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico to hook back up with my lifelong friend, John Cutting. John moved shortly thereafter to Montana, but not before introducing me to Kevin Collins who became my good friend and explorations partner in the deserts and mountains of New Mexico.

    But time has a way of changing all things and I am now back in Ohio, Kevin is in Georgia, and John finally settled in Arizona. But, we "three mountaineers" remain friends and share many memories of campfires in the mountains and marvelous adventures on the desert.

Article written by Mandy Kowallek from an Interview Conducted Recently